The Finke Racing team has a first-class reputation. The crew works around the clock to ensure that the team’s race operation is safe and competitive against some of the toughest competitors across the US.

  • Jared Dreher: responsible for clutch install at race events.
  • Jeff Barnes: responsible for top end/ cylinder heads, cooks when Jackie fails, and accommodates frequent gasket changes. 
  • Amy Iacono: in charge of recording Finke Racing race data and various on-site tasks.
  • Taylor Iacono: manager of social media for Finke Racing.
  • Tori Iacono: responsible for on-site catering and entertainment. Tori also assists with general duties that help prepare the team for each run down the drag strip.
  • Allen Philpot: dedicated to dragster maintenance at Finke Racing’s state-of-the-art race shop.
  • Al Blake: responsible for bottom-end maintenance on the dragster’s 439 cubic inch Chrysler powerhouse. Al’s contributions to Finke Racing date back to the team’s inception.